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NY Magazine – When Should You Really Take Probiotics?

December 30th, 2016|Categories: probiotics|Tags: , |

Most of us have heard that we should take some sort of probiotic when we’re on antibiotics — particularly to prevent the inevitable yeast infections accompanying the five-day Z-pack you take for a sinus infection. [...]

FoodDive – Study: Probiotics decrease marathoners’ GI issues

December 30th, 2016|Categories: probiotics|Tags: , , |

A recent study published in U.K. journal Nutrients found that prebiotic, probiotic and antioxidant supplements reduced gastrointestinal distress in triathletes. Training for and participation in triathlons and other endurance and multi-sport events often causes GI problems [...]

DailyMail – Struggling with stress? Then have a probiotic yoghurt

December 30th, 2016|Categories: probiotics|Tags: , , , |

Eating probiotic yoghurts could help to cure stress and anxiety, new research suggests. Beneficial live bacteria that are introduced to the body have become increasingly popular as a way to improve gut health. But the [...]

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Great site. This is a valuable resource for both the patients and physicians seeking clarity regarding the various preparations of probiotics on the market. Additional benefit could be obtained if you compare the claims of the various companies as to their formulation and the known scientific literature confirming or denying the validity of their claims. This would add to the specificity in recommendation of the various products. Again, I wish you best of luck with this site.
Dr.Michael Lupovici MD - Gastroenterologist, NJ
Great tool, thank you. After much research, including using your website quite a bit, I ended up with a Klaire Labs probiotic, due to its high content of the L. Rhamnosus strain, which I found in a local pharmacy.
Your probiotics comparison feature along with the filtering is just awesome. A one-stop-shop to narrow down your product from among the hundreds available in stores and online! Thanks so much!
DR , Melbourne Australia

Find your probiotic in under 10 seconds!